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Gold Prospecting & Equipment Reviews

How to Select the Best Gold Pan

Selecting the right gold pan depends on if you're using your gold pan to prospect, for production or as a clean-up pan. This post walks you through the best options to find the perfect gold pan.
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Why Shopping At Sunny Mountain is Better than Shopping at Amazon

Why Shopping At Sunny Mountain is Better than Shopping at Amazon

Lets lay some concerns to rest. There are many places to purchase prospecting supplies and metal detector equipment. Sunny Mountain has become a trusted resource for small scale miner around the world and compete with some of the largest online player in the market. So when we hear that our prices are too high, well, we need to lay some things to rest.

First, why purchase from Sunny Mountain Prospectors or any other brick and mortar store? A few things come to mind. For starters, you're supporting locally owned businesses and small business owners. Over the last decade or so, brick and mortar businesses have seen a huge decrease in business to to online competition. Sunny Mountain Prospectors retains a strong online presence and a brick and mortar presence which helps to insulate our business from online pressure.

Secondly, brick and mortar business not only sell goods, but offer tremendous service. Let's say your struggling with fine gold capture. Do you think you can call Amazon's customer service for advise? What about trying to find the best detector on the market for the children. Will eBay provide you with that one on one consultation? The answer is obvious. Small businesses offer better customer service, support and superior advice than any ecommerce company who does not directly support the customers they sell to.

Ah. I guess what I'm missing is price, right? Well, the common misconception is place like Amazon and eBay are cheaper, much cheaper. Let's look at some examples.

A Keene A52 Sluice sells for $159.95 at Sunny Mountain with free shipping. As of the writing Amazon is our of stock, but eBay is offering it for $274.99 with free, a $115 difference.

Here are a few other examples (all prices are as 12/11/2021):

  • 7 Piece Panning Kit - Sunny Mountain: $37.95 vs. Amazon: $49.99
  • Royal 30" Mini Highbanker- Our price: $480. Amazon $531
  • Royal 24" Sluice - Our price $66, Amazon $73
  • Garrett Super Sluice Gold Pan: Our price: $11.99 vs. Amazon: $29.99
  • Garrett Snifter Bottle: Our price: $3.99. Amazon $12.92
  • Finding Gold in Colorado by Kevin Singel: Our Price: $24.95. Amazon 25.95

This is just a handful, but I invite shopper to research. You will find, that Sunny Mountain, on the whole, is better priced than most of our competitors.

The primary reason why we can maintain competitive pricing is we don't have to pay commission to sell on third party platforms. This means we can beat most online store. Our retail store also sell the same products at the same price as our online store, which provides customers with excellent prices along with excellent service.

Before you shop, take a look at your local business. Not only will you get more for your money, but you'll also get excellent advice you cannot find anywhere else.


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Recovering Fine Gold From Concentrates and Black Sand

This article outlines the process and method for recovering fine gold from your concentrates without the use of expensive equipment.
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Prospector's Dream Mat Buy Back Program - In Store Credit for Used Dream Mats | Sunny Mountain Prospectors

Prospector's Dream Mat Buy Back Program - In Store Credit for Used Dream Mats

Unsatisfied with your Dream Mat purchase, check out Sunny Mountain's Buy Back Program.
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Dream Mat vs Gold Hog Mats - A Simple Cost Benefit Analysis? | Sunny Mountain Prospectors

Dream Mat vs Gold Hog Mats - A Simple Cost Benefit Analysis?

Small scale miners have many choices when it comes to matting. The two most popular matting systems currently on the market is Prospector's Dream Mat and Gold Hog Mats. This article explores which mat offers the greater value.
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