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Minelab Vanquish, Affordable Multi-IQ Technology | Sunny Mountain Prospectors

Minelab Vanquish, Affordable Multi-IQ Technology

Minelab is known the world over for their metal detecting technology and has developed an everyday alternative to a single frequency detector. We are pleased to announce the pending release of our new VANQUISH Series metal detectors.

The VANQUISH series is a lightweight, collapsible, fully adjustable, waterproof/water resistant and affordable metal detector for the coin and treasure market utilizing Minelab’s revolutionary Multi-IQ technology. Multi-IQ was introduced to the market by Minelab in 2017 with the EQUINOX Series detector.
What is the advantage of Multi-IQ? Minelab’s revolutionary Multi-IQ technology combines the power of multiple detectors in one – all working at the same time.

The VANQUISH can unearth coins, silver and gold jewelry, and other metal items of interest across varied terrains such as parks, fields and at beaches; with unique performance in wet beach sand.

The Minelab Vanquish series offers three metal detectors and a special Pro Pack, all of which include three turn-on and go detecting modes; COIN, JEWELRY, and RELIC. The VANQUISH 340 is a great starter coin and treasure detector that includes a 10” coil. The VANQUISH 440 offers all the detecting essentials, including a set of wired headphones and 10” coil. The Bluetooth enabled VANQUISH 540 and 540 Pro Pack offer the most versatility with the added red LED backlight functionality, 10-volume control settings, headphone accessories and advanced settings. The VANQUISH 540 includes one waterproof 12” coil, wired headphones, while the VANQUISH 540 Pro Pack includes two waterproof coils, the 8” and 12” and wireless headphones.

Please note that Minelab will be launching the VANQUISH metal detector on Sunday, September 15, 4:15 AM Australian Central Standard Time (ACST). The product pages will not be live until this time. Please do not share any information with your customers until this time. We will start taking pre-orders on Sunday, September 16 ACST. A formal announcement of the VANQUISH launch will be released to the public on Sunday, September 16, 8:30 PM ACST.