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Gem Trails of Colorado by James R. Mitchell

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Colorado is known for its mineral and geologic diversity formed over the eons by violent tectonic and volcanic forces. This updated and expanded second edition of Gem Trails of Colorado features over 90 locations, including 27 new sites, where collectors can explore the mineral, gem and fossil treasure troves of Colorado--in areas as varied as the minerals themselves. Your trips will take you through spectacular scenery, fascinating history, and interesting cities and towns.

These sites offer enthusiasts the opportunity to study or collect over 80 different minerals and numerous types of fossils. Agate and jasper, amazonite crystals, blue barite, feldspar, fluorite, garnet, geodes, opal, rhodochrosite, quartz crystal, topaz and tourmaline are just some of the specimens that rockhounds can add to their collections.

This indispensable guide features:

  • Clear maps and directions
  • Detailed descriptive text
  • Numerous site photos
  • A full-color specimen photo insert
  • Safety tips and Collecting guidelines
  • Lists of rock and mineral clubs
  • Mineral museums and mine tours
  • A mineral locator index and glossary


From old abandoned mines to roadcuts along the routes, from remote collecting areas to fee mining locations with all the modern amenities, there is something here for the amateur and experienced gem and fossil hunter alike.

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