Donnelly Pay Dirt, 1/2 lbs - Real Gold Paydirt From Fairplay, CO

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What makes this pay dirt special? Well, it's from the sluice box and hasn't been "cleaned". What does that mean? Most pay dirt providers use old tailings, then "salt" the dirt with a certain amount of gold. It's fun, but not the real thing.

Some pay dirt will comes in larger bags but the bags are loaded with big rocks. What a waste.

This pay dirt is from the sluice box AND give you the best return on recover.

We have three types:

1 - Original Fairplay as featured on Youtube -

2 - Nugget Paydirt. 1 in 15 bags has a 4+ gram nugget!

3 - Rich Paydirt. 1 in 8 bags has 2-5 grams of paydirt.

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