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Bullseye II Pinpointer by Whites Metal Detectors

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White's Bullseye II Pinpointer is the perfect companion to your metal detector!

When you’ve located a target and dug the hole, use the Bullseye II Pinpointer to precisely “pinpoint” the target. No tuning. Completely automatic. Works in either “vibration” or “beep” mode. Powerful LED light illuminates target areas when the button is pushed. Powered for up to 20 hours on a single 9-Volt battery.
36 kHz operating frequency, doesn’t interfere with any other metal detector.

White's Bullseye II Pinpointer is the ultimate tool for precision pinpointing.  Bullseye II works side by side with our detectors to make short order out of locating and digging detected targets.  Plus, with Bullseye II you'll minimize the odds of damaging a valuable coin, relic, piece of jewelry or even a gold nugget.  It's easy.  It's fast.  Just locate the target with your detector, push the button and "zero" in on the target's exact location. 

Features :

  • Rugged high-impact case
  • Target Sensitivity Control
  • Super-bright LED light
  • Tough, double-sealed on/off membrane switch
  • Easy-access battery door
  • Waterproof 120 mm probe with two full collar supports
  • Two operating modes:  Audio tone and Vibration
  • 20 hours on one 9 volt battery

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