2" Backpack Suction Dredge with Jet Flare and Suction Nozzle Combo

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by Keene Engineering


Most versitale What makes this 2" suction dredge different from Keene's other models? This model includes both a suction nozzle and a power jet along with a new leg kit. These added features allow you to use a powejet for deeper waters and change to a suction nozzle for shallower water. The ability to remove the floatation pontoons and set up the sluice box with new the new leg kit give you maximum flexibility.

In addition, this feature a new nozzle for tight to reach places and does a better job working crevices. The flotation system is removable from the sluice box and includes a handle for easy moving or to tie down. The pontoons also include metal clamps for extra durability.

The sluice box is designed for dredging application. The first stage introduces a classifier to separate fine gold from larger material. Directly under the classifying screen is Keene's Miracle Mat, followed by metal riffles with expanded metal and miners moss. The last section includes large Hungarian riffles with carpet underneath.

The whole system is powered by a quiet Honda GX50 engine and Keene's P90 pump which delivers 100 gallons per minute with 160 feet of head pressure to create unbelievable suction. This powerful and efficient engine and pump set up can fun up to 5 hours on a single gallon of gas.