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A Bumpy Ride by Marril Lee Burke

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A History of Stagecoaching in Colorado

By the late 1860s stagecoaches were a new and exciting way to travel in Colorado. Hardly a Colorado town or mining camp could be found where stagecoach wheels had not left their tracks. In the winter wheels were often exchanged for runners so that the coach could travel through deep Colorado snow. We can only imagine what it was really like to travel hundreds of miles in a swaying stagecoach with hard, wooden benches for seats, often with only fifteen inches of space to yourself. Stage passengers often encountered rainstorms, wind, thunder and lightning, mud, snow, and rockslides, all with only a thin piece of canvas to protect them from inclement weather. But this was the premier way to travel. Passengers often overlooked the hardships and only remembered the speed, the beauty, and the excitement of a Colorado stagecoach trip.

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