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Discounted Panning Kit
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A52S Conversion Kit


Super-charge your Keene A52 to an A52S! This kit comes with the Super Sluice Riffle Board, the leg kit and the super sluice classifying screen. The A52S is the fastest sluice on the market. No classifying needed, just pour your material onto the classifying screen assembly and let the sluice to the rest of the work. The riffle board assembly comes with carpet and miracle mat to catch the fine gold other sluices would miss. 

Leg kit requires drill and pop rivet tool. 

  • A52SRA: Super Sluice Riffle Board Assembly
  • A52SCS: Super Sluice Classifying Screen System
  • A52SLK: Super Sluice Leg Kit


$39999 $44999