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Discounted Panning Kit
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Mini Max Full Conversion Kit A52s

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Convert your A52S into a 3 & 1 Mini-Max with this conversion kit. The A52S requires fast moving water, but if your in a spot with low-flow conditions, you can convert your A52S into a mini highbanker.

You can also convert your A52 into a mini max, but will need to purchase a leg kit.

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This versatile package performs extremely well in all conditions. Now with the Mini Max upgrade, you can run in low water conditions and be “Silent Running”. The battery powered pumps makes it ideal for setting up at home or in camp with a water recirculating system. Made in the USA. Converts back and forth between a concentrator, dredge or high banker and Mini Max in a matter of minutes.
This Full Conversion Kit contains pump, hose, ball valve, sluice end cap hopper, grizzly and woven screens. Net weight 16 pounds.
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