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Blue Bowl Kit with Pump and Levelers - Gold Concentrator

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Recover your fine gold quickly and easily with this complete Blue Bowl kit, which includes leg levers, and a 750 GPH Johnson SPX Flow bilge pump. If  you don't feel like setting up the pump, you can use a simple garden hose to process your concentrates.

This spiffy bowl uses only 3 gallons of water per minute and has no parts to wear out or replace! Made of high impact plastic and so easy to set up on its folding legs that its ideal for taking out in the field. Setting up a recirculating system for the blue bowl is easy and quick. 

Measures 13/5" x 5".


  • Blue Bowl
  • 3 Leg Levelers
  • 750 GPH Johson SPX Flow Bilge Pump.

Pro Tips:

  • Classify material to 30 mesh, 50 mesh and 100 mesh. Run 30 mesh first, followed by 50 mesh then 100 mesh.
  • Pull out magnetite for faster operation.
  • Use a bullseye level for calibration.

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