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Discounted Panning Kit
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Carson Magnivisor™ Deluxe Magnification Head Visor - CP 60

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Identify the what's in your gold pan or get a closer look at your ore and minerals. The Carson Magnivisor is the perfect tool for identifying and magnifying your specimens, coins or any other products that need magnification.

The CP-60, MagniVisor™ Deluxe from Carson PRO Series is a hands free, head-worn magnifier with 4 different lenses; 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x and 3x . It comes with an adjustable headband. The removable LED lamp can be used as a free standing light source. The MagniVisor™ Deluxe magnifier is perfect for all hobbies and crafts! The MagniVisor™ Deluxe is the perfect low vision aid.

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