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Down the Valley of the Shadow: An American Novel by Mary Ramstetter

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The El Dorado Trilogy, Book 2, 1849-1857: For George Harris, now a bishop, life could not be more perfect. Seven wives (all barren, unfortunately), six houses, and a comfortable income. Then an old love comes to Salt Lake City, dragging the past behind her. She is an apostate, but she has a son and needs a husband. The good bishop offers his help. She is the last wife he will take. As for Jed Marchion, his fortune has increased tenfold. Deep in Maine's North Woods he finds the brother he always wanted and the happiness that eluded him in the West. That West, however, is about to become his worst nightmare. His sister and her three children are riding with the richest train to cross the prairies in 1857, the Fancher train. Winner, Colorado Publishers Award. Finalist, Book Expo of America, Los Angeles, 2003.
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