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Fee Mining and Mineral Adventures in the Eastern U.S. by James M Monaco and Jeannette H Monaco

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Have you always wanted to try your hand at gold panning, or digging for gemstones? This is the guide for you! James and Jeannette Monaco share their joy and experience of fee mining in the 31 eastern-most states of the United States.

Try panning for gold in Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Maine, North Carolina or Vermont. Search for quartz crystals in Arkansas, Maine, Pennsylvania, or Virginia. Find fossils in Florida, Indiana, Maryland, and South Carolina. You can also search for agates, topaz, emeralds, garnets, rubies and much more.

Each fee mining site lists the mineral or type of fossil that may be found, contact information, seasons and times of operation, tools needed, price and whether camping is available. Divided by state, the book also lists all of the museums that have gemstone, mineral and fossil collections of interest to travelers, as well as listing caves that offer tours and parks and other places of interest to the rock and mineral fan.

The authors share their vast experience by sharing tips for finding gemstones, plus information on panning and sluicing for gold. They have also included suggestions for preparing for your trip, including types of clothing and tools to pack.

From Minnesota and Maine in the north, through Louisiana and Florida in the south this book is the perfect title to include on a family vacation.
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