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Fisher F75+ Special Edition - F-Pulse Pinpointer and Digging Tool

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Fisher's F75 has long been considered one of the best VLF detectors on the market. Known for it's ease of use and it's ability to find targets in hard to find soils, the F75 is a great investment. This Special Edition also has a digging tool an extended replacement warranty AND the F-Pulse Pinpointer. Tremendous value.

The 13kHz Fisher F75 Special Edition Metal Detector boasts the lightest design with the best ergonomics in the industry, so you can hunt for hours comfortably. And we do mean hours, as this equipment can run for over 40 hours on four AA alkaline batteries (sold separately). Plus, it's weather resistant against the harshest conditions, and its menu-driven display is backlit for early morning and evening operation. Best of all, its 11-inch elliptical bi-axial search coil pierces through mineralized soils to discover what lies beneath, and then the detector displays its estimation on a visual target ID screen so that you know you're digging up treasure, not trash.

The F75+ Also Comes With:

  • F-Pulse Pinpointer
  • Carbon Steel Digging Tool
  • Extended Replacement Refurbish Warranty


Additional Features:

  • All-weather aluminum and plastic construction Includes operating manual and detecting guide.
  • Back Lit display with menu-driven interface. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • 5-yr. limited warranty
  • Coin, gold, and jewelry hunting for professional users.
  • Static-all-metal, motion all-metal, and discrimination modes.
  • 15 adaptable sensitivity levels.
  • Great ground balancing controls for gold pursuit.
  • Determine items with target ID.
  • Lightweight and adjustable grip for comfort.4
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