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Discounted Panning Kit
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Textured Foam Kneeling Pad - Large

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 When positioning yourself upon a hard surface, you can prevent your body from aching or bruising with the comfort of our foam kneeling pad. The water-resistance of the foam material will help keep you dry against a wet or damp surface. Whether you are cleaning, organizing, gardening/doing yard work, camping, gold panning, spectating at events, or having bath time with the kids—this foam pad will prove to be an excellent means of comfort throughout various tasks and situations.

Features of this product include:
• Large Size
• Dimensions: 15” x 12” x 3/4”
• Quality foam material
- Soft, yet durable
- Lightweight
- Water-resistant
• Cut-out handle for transport and storage convenience
• Can also double as a seat cushion
Available in assorted colors : Blue, Green (no choice of color)
$374 $499