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Follow the Signs : A Treasure-Hunter's Handbook by Dayne Chastain

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Before the Internet and even some of today’s Treasure Hunting Magazines, metal detectorists were finding real treasures by following signs cut into rocks and boulders as well as carved into trees, or rocks forming certain patterns. There are still millions of dollars in outlaw loot, Spanish silver, gold, and treasure caches buried in the ground. This 1997 Treasure Hunters Handbook is 296 pages packed with solid information by two brothers with over 100 years of combined treasure hunting experience.

Many photos make this a great read and chapters cover outlaw treasures, Spanish treasure symbols,101 Tips for treasure hunting and much more information. The Chastain brothers have searched for treasure in 41 of the 50 United States. They have many, many more tales of treasures to tell, but there is not enough room in this book for all of them.