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Discounted Panning Kit
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Garrett Deluxe Gravity Trap Gold Panning Kit - 10 pc

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Garrett's Deluxe Gold panning kit features the 15" SuperSluice pan, the 14" Gold Trap pan and the 10.5" Backpacker finishing pan. The kit also includes a 7/16" classifier and an instuctional DVD and a 72 page book on How to Find Gold. This kit is an exceptional value

Garrett’s world famous Gravity Trap gold pan series has led the industry for 30 years. Garrett’s gold pans feature a 90° riffled design that ensures safe, sure, rapid gold recovery in wet or dry conditions. All Garrett pans are lightweight, green for enhanced gold nugget visibility, and virtually indestructible. Tested and proven worldwide by Charles Garrett, Roy Lagal and tens of thousands of prospectors, Garrett’s gold pans are a must for every recreational and electronic gold seeker.

Don't Lose It!
Garrett's exclusive 90 degree riffled design prevents gold from sloshing out of the pan.

  • 14" Gold Trap pan
  • 15" SuperSluice pan
  • 14" Sifter/Classifier
  • 10" Backpacker pan
  • Gold Guzzler bottle
  • 2 Gold vials
  • Tweezers/magnifier
  • How to Find Gold field guide by Charles Garrett and Roy Lagal
  • Gold Panning Like a Pro DVD
    (featuring Freddy Dodge)
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