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Gem Trails of Washington Paperback by Garret Romaine

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Completely updated and revised, this comprehensive collecting guide covers all four corners of the Evergreen State, from the misty shores of the Olympic peninsula to the dust-dry ghost towns and abandoned mines near Metaline Falls.

You'll explore Washington's diverse geology in detail, ranging from fossil-rich Cambrian locales to seams of agate and jasper amid recent basalt flows.

Site locations range in difficulty from family-friendly walks along streams and rivers to hard-rock mining with heavy tools. Each site description features detailed directions, individual maps, multiple GPS coordinates, color photographs, nearest camping spots, and the best time of the year to collect. You'll also find additional information about nearby attractions, and whether you'll need four-wheel drive to make the final push.

Among the world-class materials available for collectors, you'll find these treasures:

Quartz scepters

Stunning jade

Petrified wood

Ancient fossils

Fine gold

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