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Gold Cube Gold Banker - Highbanker for Gold Cube

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The Gold Banker is by far the most popular addition and makes the Gold Cube “Shovel Ready”.

The clever design of the tray includes a removable anodized 3/16th punch plate (allows for larger material) dropping into a slick plate container with 3 nugget traps. The traps collect larger gold and allow for gold inspection and location testing.

The stand adapters included fit the standard gold stand making the Gold Banker adjustable and stable. Saying it’s like a “High Banker” is correct but it is so much more!  The Gold Banker eliminates the need to pre-classify your material and has extra slick plate and nugget traps.  

  • Easily converts your Cube into a “High Banker”
  • Built in slick plate and nugget traps.
  • Adjustable spray bar with hose and hardware
  • Available in Zinc Plated
$20625 $27500

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