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Gold Dredgers Handbook by Dave McCracken

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Dave McCracken is widely viewed as the expert in Gold Dredging. In this book, he provides an in look into gold dredging basics and advanced techniques along with dredging safety.

From the Book:

"Being able to identify natural stream beds is the primary key to locating high-grade gold deposits. This book provides the most thorough explanation of natural and original stream-beds available in any publication on the market today. In easy to understand language, supported by clear photographs and graphic demonstrations, this book covers all of the important information-including the legalities; where gold comes from and where to go to find it; how gold forms into high-grade deposits; all of the different types of suction dredges that you will see in the field today and how they work; how to get the most from your own dredge's recovery system; how to operate a suction dredge; how to sample for and develop high-grade gold deposits; the fundamentals of diving and dredging safety; rigging dredges on the waterway; how to complete your final clean-up and market your gold; and much, much more."


Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: Legal Access
  • Chapter 2: Placer Geology
  • Chapter 3: The Origin of Riverbeds
  • Chapter 4: Suction Dredge System
  • Chapter 5: Dialing In Your Recovery System.
  • Chapter 6: Dredging for Gold
  • Chapter 7: Dredging Safety
  • Chapter 8: Sampling for High Grade Gold Deposits
  • Chapter 9: Moving Gear, Crossing Rivers and Rigging Dredges
  • Chapter 10: Final Clean Ups and Recovery of Your Gold

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