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Gold Miner Spiral Wheel

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Gold Miner's Spiral Wheel saves time and extracts gold from concentrates. This compact wheel is perfect for the field and includes self contained recirculating system. The gold miner is equipped with the most advanced spiral wheel on the market. The innovative, computer designed, Concentrate agitators means an increase in gold Recovery by 30+%. the gold miner's spiral wheel also has a 7 spiral lead running at approximately 12 revolutions per Min, for the highest gold recover rate. Gold miner comes with: 13" spiral wheel, pump & spray bar assembly, catch Cup for gold, drive unit with frame, tailings container, pump filter, carrying case with cover, & a 5 year warranty. Just connect your 12V DC power source or battery (not included) & you are ready to prospect!
  • Injected molded wheel
  • Light weight......just over 10 lbs.
  • Direct drive gear box
  • Re-circulates 3 gallons of water
  • 5 year limited manufactures warranty

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