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Grizzly Gold Trap Fluid Bed Sluice - Motherlode, Explorer & Nugget

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The Grizzly Gold Trap is the apex in design for fluid bed sluice boxes. It is the gold standard. Utilizing several field-tested innovations and manufacturing techniques, the Grizzly Gold Trap optimizes fluid dynamics to produce a sluice that maximizes material processing while maintaining high levels of gold retention. Basically, you can shovel more and not worry about loosing gold out the back-end.

Maximize the material you move, maximize the gold you recover.

Unlike many other fluid bed sluices, the Grizzly Gold Trap is engineered to maximize material displacement and avoid packed chambers, which is common with many other designs. In addition, the Grizzle Gold Trap features other innovation such as the angled transport deck, flush grizzly bars which are designed to avoid build up and highly effective sampling riffles.

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What makes the Grizzly Gold Trap different?

The Grizzly Gold Trap features numerous design improvements over previous fluid bed sluices including:

  • Angled transport deck section
  • Higher capacity gold capture chamber: fewer cleanouts
  • Improved transport of material over grizzlies: fewer jam-ups
  • More efficient fluid bed/capture chamber: captures and holds gold
  • Increased capture and retention of fine gold: capture with confidence
  • Sampling riffles: Assesses gold in material
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