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Grizzly Gold Trap Razor - Ultimate Fluid Bed Sluice

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Take everything you love about the Grizzly Gold Trap Classic and kick it up a notch. We're talking about cranking up the performance volume to an 11. Seriously. 

The new Grizzly Razor features 3x more inspection/capture riffles and an innovative removable Grizzly Plate. The new Grizzly Plate allows for more gold bearing material to enter into the fluidizing chamber, while classifying material down to 0.25". This is truly a self classifying sluice. All you need is a shovel & bucket, leave the classifying screens at home. Unless, you have a weird emotional connection to classifying. Don't worry, we won't judge.

In addition, the grizzly plate is removable and set at a 9 degree pitch vs 21 degrees which is present in most fluid bed sluices currently on the market. The softer pitch allows for faster evacuation and better classifying.

The Grizzly Razor also feature unique inspection riffles on the top plate. This allows you to quickly inspect if you're over-feeding your sluice and losing gold over the top.

The Grizzly razor comes in three sizes: Motherlode, Explorer and Nugget.

Shovel more, classify less, get more gold.

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