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Hi-Low Sluice Mat - 8" & 10"


This is the newest mat on the market the hi-low mat.

It's alternating size riffles makes it great for catching your gold and the resistance of the rubber helps hold in the ultra fines and larger gold keeping it safe.

With it's rubber design it also helps eliminate over packing behind the riffles allowing you to run longer and due less cleanups. When you do make cleanups it easily releases from the mat when submerged sideways in the water takes only seconds to clean and helps get you running material again quickly. Simple to use fits under the metal riffles of most sluice boxes.

Popular mat to retro-fit Keene A52 & A51s.

Blue Hi-Low is 10" wide
Green Hi-Low is 8" wide

Both 10" & 8" mats are 20 3/8" long.

Using diamond mesh screen (expanded metal) is not necessary with the use of the hi-low mat.