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Discounted Panning Kit
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Illuminated Pinpointing Metal Detector

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Pinpointing metal detector has a 360° detection area tip that helps your reach your target faster. The pinpointer is a highly sensitive handheld metal detector that is capable of sensing various types of metal - coins, gold, silver, relics, jewelry, and more. The compact design includes every necessary feature to make this detector very simple and easy to use. Pinpointing metal detector has a 360° detection area and easy to use low battery indicator requires one 9V battery (battery not included) dimensions: 10-3/4" x 1-3/4"

How to use: press the power button to activate the unit. The green LED will blink as the unit initializes. During this process of initialization, hold the unit stable and keep away from metal. Once the unit is ready for operation, the green LED will steady and remain on. Upon detecting metal, the green LED will shut off as the Red LED light turns on, and the unit will vibrate to save battery power, the unit will suspend operation after Approx. 15 seconds of continuous detection of the same target, while the green LED remains on. Detection for a new target will resume immediately after press the power button to shut off the unit.

• 360° Detection Area
• Vibrating Feedback
• White LED Light
• Low Battery Indicator
• Requires 1 x 9V Battery (Battery Not Included)
• Great for Treasure Hunting

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