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Inside the Metal Detector: The First In-depth Book on Metal Detector Technology Since 1927

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The first in-depth book on metal detectors technology since 1927, and a lot has changed since then! Ok, maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but there is no doubt that information on metal detectors design has been virtually non-existent outside of the companies that produce them. This book covers the following:

  • Induction and eddy currents, the very essence of metal detection
  • BFO and off-resonance
  • Induction balance and VLF, currently the most popular technology
  • Phase discrimination or how to ignore junk
  • Ground balance, or how to ignore mineralization
  • Pulse Induction, the technology for deep seekers
  • Coil types and construction
  • Dowsing and long-range locators, fact, fiction or fraud?
  • Experiments and construction projects throughout to give practical results.
Authors:  George Overton and Carl Moreland