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Jabbit Sluice Box Stand

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 Set up your sluice, fast and right You no longer need to look for that perfect spot to set up your sluice. With the Jabbit Sluice Box stand you can set up you sluice where you want and save a time for more digging. 

The Jabbit adjust to fit flare sizes up to 22" in width and is easy to install. Aside from saving time, the Jabbit allows your sluice to move with the water flow and can be easily adjusted to increase or decrease flow into your sluice box.

More Info:

The patented Jabbit sluice stand is the only deep water, self-driving stake with solid steel construction available.

It can be used with many brands, sizes and widths of sluice boxes. To use it, just "Jabb-it" into the sediment, slide on the "T-bar" to stabilize the bottom of your sluice box , attach your sluice to the "sluice box bar", slide your sluice box onto the stand and adjust for your desired height in the water.

The Jabbit sluice stand can be submerged into depths of 10 to 30 inches of water. Your sluice box will float effortlessly with its weathervane action in the current and stay in place without any extra rock stabilization. When you are ready to empty your material, just slide your sluice box off, empty it, and slide it back on. You're sluicing again in minutes. When your done sluicing, the self-driving stake is built with an gritted handle and inner sleeve, so with a reverse pull up, it will then extract itself from the sediment.

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