Keene's All-In-One Crevice Trowel - KCT

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by Keene Engineering


This is not your typical garden trowel. This heavy duty trowel has one purpose and one purpose only, find gold. The heavy duty construction is coupled with a metal scraping claw which is far enough away from the scoop so it doesn't interfere with metal detectors. The scraping claw is what makes this a perfect crevicing tool. The backside of the scoop also has a 4" depth gauge. Keene's Crevice trowel is the last trowel you will ever purchase.

New trowels are now in Black.

  • The KCT is the strongest, ground penetrating, crevicing tool and trowel on the market.
  • Features a non-marring crevice hook perfect for metal detecting and nugget hunting, coin popping, bedrock gold retrieval, ground breaking and recovery.
  • Includes a removable steel insert tip for ripping and piercing through the toughest material.
  • Easily hacks through hard ground with the Keene Claw.
  • Use the back for palm-push penetration. 
  • Can handle 100 plus pounds of applied force. Other trowels will break or snap at 10-30 lbs of pressure. 

For serious prospectors only!