Keene's 2.5" Highbanker and Dredge Combo

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by Keene Engineering


If you want to move dirt, then look no further than Keene's 2.5" highbanker and suction dredge combo. This unit is based off the A52 sluice box with hopper and leg kit. It's powered by the lightweight Honda GX50 and P90 pump. This unit is capable of processing yards of dirt.

The 2.5" nozzle will provide a noticeable difference than the traditional 2" suction nozzle. 

Highbank, dredge or do both. It's your choice.

This package includes the following components:

1. Hand Sluice - A52
2. Hopper Conversion Component - HBCKH
3. Frame with Adjustable Support Legs - HBCKF
4. Sluice Trough Extention - STE
5. Engine, pump, intake assembly and pressure hose - HBCKE
6. One 12' x 1 1/4" coupled pressure hose
7. Dredging Riffle - A52DR
8. Classify Screen - HBCS

Net weight 71 pounds.