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Discounted Panning Kit
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Micro Turbo Mat for Blue Bowl

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Unsatisfied with your Dream Mat? Check out our Prospector's Dream Mat Buy Back Program. Available regardless of where you purchased Dream Mat.

This mat fits into your blue bowl and provides additional capture cells allowing you to run your blue bowl faster and catch more gold.

As a trusted source for small scale minors, Sunny Mountain Prospectors takes great pride in offering our customers top quality products at affordable prices. 

Due to recent manufacturing and productions issues, we no longer offer or recommend Prospector's Dream Mat based on price, performance and market availability. Please see our Dream Mat Cost Benefit Analysis.

The Micro Turbo Mat is an affordable upgrade for the Blue Bowl.

To affix the Turbo Mat to your blue bowl, use clear silicone. Apply several beads and press the mat into place. Allow time for silicone to cure. 

$2100 $2800

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