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Midwest Gem, Fossil and Mineral Trails: Great Lakes States by June Culp Zeitner

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A classic guide to collecting in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio, Midwest Gem, Fossils and Mineral Trails: Great Lakes States, has it all in this newly revised and updated rockhounding guide. Geologically the Midwest is an incredible land, carved by glaciers and situated on the incomparable Great Lakes, the location of the upper Mississippi River Valley and the Ohio River. The copper country of Michigan, the iron ranges of Minnesota, the fluorite area of Illinois, and the limestones of Indiana are unsurpassed. Wisconsin holds great promise for copper, lead, and zinc, and its granite is a national favorite. Ohio, a leading coal producer, has yielded some of the finest fossils ever found. Diamonds and gold have been found here too; the reserves of minerals are tremendous. There are miles of beaches on the Great Lakes and other glacial lakes, along reservoirs, and along the rivers and streams of this region where Lake Superior agates, fossils, and minerals can be found. The author, who has been collecting in these states for over 50 years, describes how to hunt on your own, where and what to collect, and where to find additional information on each state. An indispensable guide for the rock hobbyist, lapidary and fossil enthusiast, this book highlights the best of the area in one compact volume.