Modern Prospecting: How to Find, Claim and Sell Mineral Deposits by Roger McPherson

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by Sunny Mountain Prospectors

In this book an experienced prospector shares information acquired through 20 years of classroom study, field work and trial and error. He outlines a systematic approach to mineral exploration including how to recognize the signposts of a favorable area, do the land status research, and follow through with valid claim staking, soil and rock sampling and assaying. Chapters include descriptions of the major types of deposits; interviews with geologists; how to obtain an assay; use geochemical and geophysical methods; and stake a proper claim. Whether looking for gold, platinum, diamonds or any other mineral, anyone equipped with these basic skills greatly increases their ability to discover new bonanzas. With a handy glossary and helpful contact information this is the foremost how-to-do-it-right guide to prospecting in the 21st century.