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Never Mace A Skunk II: The Legends Continue

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Give a million monkeys a million typewriters, and one will write the works of Shakespeare. Give two relic hunters computers, and they'll write Never Mace A Skunk II: The Legends Continue. Laugh as this metal detector-wielding duo share the joys of preserving history while battling vengeful vegetation, persistent pets, mechanical malfunctions, grievous ghosts, and lonesome livestock. Through their true adventures, you'll learn why so many head for the woods with a metal detector: It's fun to recover history, and live to tell about it!This is the sequel to Never Mace A Skunk, one of the most popular books ever written on the hobby of searching for Civil War artifacts. This time, author Butch Holcombe teams up with Charles Harris, and together these two legends take us through such chapters as "The Paranormal: Twice As Scary As A Single Normal;" "Farfendigging: Because Getting There Is Important Too;" "Safety First...Right After The Relics;" and "Love Is Blind...And Boy Are We Glad!". Hilariously illustrated by Glenn Watkins, you'll laugh until you cry, and then laugh some more as you discover this fascinating hobby. Whether a relic hunter or not, if you enjoy humor, you'll love Never Mace A Skunk II: The Legends Continue!
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