New Gold Hog Mats - Pre-cut 6", 8", 10", 12"

By Gold Hog


Gold Hog mats are an industry leader when it comes to capturing gold. We now offer pre-cut mats in 12", 10", 8" or 6". Mix and match to find the perfect configuration for your river sluice, high banker or dredge. 

All Gold Hog mats are 6" in length. If you're sluice box is 36" long, then you would need 6 individual mats. For example, if you're sluice box is 48" long and 12" wide, you would need 8 - 12" mats. 


All mats are new and ready to ship. Simply select your mat and then the size you would like and we'll send it your way!

  • MotherLode Mat
  • Talon Sluice mat
  • DownDraft Mat
  • UR Mat
  • Scrubber Mat
  • RazorBack Mat
  • RiverHog Mat
  • Bedrock Sluice mat
  • Washer Stripping Mat
  • Yukon Mat
  • Wave Mat
  • Big Wave Mat
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