Omni Fox Gold Trommel with 3/8" Classifying Barrel

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by Gold Fox USA


Gold Fox USA's Omni Trommel is designed as a universal trommel that will fit most sluice boxes from 6" to 12" wide. The barrel features a cleaning paddle and spray bars inside the trommel housing. The 14"x14" hopper delivers water to the material to make an effective slurry before entering into the barrel. 

This trommel will allow you to move more gold bearing material and clean rocks better than any system available.  

Additional barrels sizes are available, along with adapters for the Gold Cube.

Pump and hose NOT included. Sunny Moountian recommends running a 2200 gallon per hour pump for sluices boxes with a width of 10". Boxes wider than 10" will require additional flow.