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Discounted Panning Kit
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Nylon Hand Trowel for Prospecting, 11"Black and Orange

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This affordable hand trowel is made of durable nylon plastic and will not interfere with you metal detector. The bright orange accents makes the trowel highly visible. Dig treasure or dig paydirt. This handy trowel is affordable.
  • Measuring scale on scoop goes up to 4" or 10 cm for precise depth when prospecting, or measuring dirt or seeds
  • Rubberized thumb grip on handle for non-slip hold
  • Black and orange plastic material does not interfere with metal detectors
  • 11" long and 3" width of scoop
  • A lanyard can be looped through the eyelet on the handle or the eyelet can be used to store the trowel on a hook


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