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Ride, Boldly Ride - An American Novel by Mary Ramstetter

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The El Dorado Trilogy, Book 3, 1857-1869: News of the massacre of the Fancher wagon train reaches Salt Lake City. Shaken by the involvement of Brigham Young in the massacre, George Harris makes plans to leave Utah Territory. Searching for his sister, who was traveling with the train, Jed Marchion and Yam light a shuck for Salt Lake City, where they encounter a web of deception and delusion. Meanwhile, Army sergeant Charlie Reeves is pulling escort duty in the Southwest. And Nathan is busy getting his hands on more of the elusive Taggart paintings. As for Uergin, the Gold Coast has made him wealthy, but the desert follows him like a black dog. Described in detail are the Oregon Trail, Utah Territory, San Francisco, the Grand Canyon. Also Fort Kearny, Fort Laramie, Fort Defiance, the Post at Albuquerque. And Cherry Creek and Golden City in Colorado Territory.

Winner, Colorado Publishers Award 2007. Finalist, Book Expo of America, New York, 2007. Finalist in the Regional Fiction Category of the 2009 National Indie Excellence Awards.

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