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Royal's Power Vac for Crevicing and Drywashing

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The Royal Power Vac is designed for gold prospecting around the Echo 25.4cc 2 cycle engine that delivers more suction power than other gas vacuums on the market. It cleans gold from cracks and crevices as easily as from flat ground. It also quickly attaches to your 3’’ hose to run your Dry Washer.

Crevice Nozzle, 6 foot long 2-1/2 inch suction hose,

16” Crevice tool laser cut from one piece of hardened Abrasion Resistant Steel

2 cycle engine oil.

All items fit in a .090 mil Heavy Duty 5 gallon bucket with an easy to open screw on lid (supplied), for convenient storage.

Blower is secured to lid by 1/4” thick aluminum plate with bolts and nylock nuts for superior durability. Others use a plastic adapter sheet secured by pop rivets and wood screws that rattle loose with the vibration of the blower.
Actual item weight is only 15 lbs!