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Discounted Panning Kit
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Green Scoop with Brass Probe, 2 in 1

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Prospector’s Choice Scoop-n-Probe is a necessity for a metal detector kit and features a 2-in-1 design, which allows for less clutter when on the job.

  • Closed Length : 13-1/4"

• Brass Probe Length : 4-1/8"

- Use the double ended screw to attach the probe to the handle

• Green Color

 How to use:

 (1) Use your metal detector to locate the target area.

(2) Use a small digging tool to dig a small plug and remove it.

(3) Examine the area with your metal detector once more to ensure the treasure was not in the plug you removed.

(4) Use the brass probe to slowly probe the small hole you made and/or the plug you removed.

(5) Scoop up target area sand in our sand scoop and run metal detector over the scoop.

(6) Gently shake the scoop side to side, allowing sand to fall out and uncover the treasure.

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