SE Compact Magnetic Prospectors Pick



Magnetic prospector’s pick is made of hardened steel for your toughest jobs in camping, prospecting, gardening, treasure hunting and more. The embedded magnets in the head and the handle make it easier to pick up small nails, nuts and bolts, and black sand while prospecting.

Product Features:
• 4-IN-1 Tool: Pick, Shovel, Magnets
• Overall length: 18-5/8”
• Collapsed length: 10”
• Pick length: 4”
• Compact Design
• Easy-to-spot silver body
• Hardened stainless steel head
• Knurled aluminum handle for a secure grip
• Strong magnets with 15-lb. pickup capacity embedded in the head & handle
• Black nylon canvas storage case with belt loop & individual slots for each part
• Compact design—collapses into 4 parts (fits in nylon case)

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