Step-On Beach and Sand Scoop by Royal

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by Royal Mfg


Dig beaches quickly and with ease. The Royal Step-On Beach scoop is portable and features a removable upper handle for compact travel. The rubberized grips provide comfortable handling. Overall length with attached handle is 45 inches.

With over 20 years of production & over 10 thousand baskets sold, this is another well made product by Royal Manufacturing.

Every wire has been welded with no sharp edges. Professionally made and designed by prospectors for prospectors. Stainless steel hardware will never rust or stick together. Even in saltwater.

Removable handle for easy transportation in luggage to your favorite hunting grounds. Key Features: 16 ga. Steel 16 ga. X 1/2″ Mesh 16 ga. 7/8″ Tubular Steel 45″ Long Cushioned Rubber Grip Zinc Plating (Gold Coloring) Stainless steel nut, bolt and washer. 3 Lbs.