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Summit of Destiny: Taming the Pikes Peak Country 1858-1918

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Who says history has to be dull and academic? Colorado was founded on mining, a gold rush to be precise, and miners are among the more colorful characters to tread the pages of history. The title is a reference to Colorado's position as the "rooftop" of North America, but it further alludes to the lofty ambitions of the daring men and women who came here hoping to pry fortunes from those soaring Rocky Mountains. Some wielded picks and shovels; others laid down serpentine rail networks or raised vital crops to feed the hungry miners. Planting civilization in a rugged wilderness required the various talents of hard-working visionaries and even a few con men here and there. Colorado, initially tagged as "the Pikes Peak Country", is today a living testimony to their unflagging optimism and dogged perseverance.

Author Francis J. Pierson

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