Sunny Mountain Gold Pay Dirt - Over 3 lbs

by Sunny Mountain Prospectors


Due to popular demand, we are currently back ordered on paydirt. Please anticipate 5-7 days before shipping.


Sunny Mountain has taken gold pay dirt to a whole new level - three that is.

Our paydirt is widely used for testing and practice panning, which is why we call it "practice pay". Each bag weights approximately 3 lbs, 5 oz and has no less than 1 gram of gold per bag. Each bag has the known amount of gold stated on the bag so you can test how well you recovered your gold by either panning it or using your own clean up system.

In many cases, a seasoned panner may actually find slightly more than what is stated on the bag.

We offer our pay dirt bags in three difficulties:

  • Level 1: Easy. This level is perfect for the beginner. Much of the magnetite has been stripped away so panning is quick and easy. This is a perfect bag to learn the fundamentals. 
  • Level 2: Medium. This level closely resembles concentrates from many rivers with a moderate amount of hematite and magnetite. This is your choice if you want to simulate "real" world conditions.
  • Level 3: Boss Level. Word of warning: Unless you're a glutton for punish or want to really test the limits of your gold recovery system, don't buy this paydirt. It's not for the faint of heart and especially not for the novice panner. It's best to stop reading now and look to level 1 or 2. But, if you really want a fun challenge and prove your panning skills are on another level, the Boss level, then this pay dirt is for you, unless you're scared.