Tri-Fold 2-in-1 Shovel and Pick with Carrying Case

by SE

Tri Fold 2-IN-1 Shovel and Pick with Carrying Case. A must have for every outdoor enthusiast and for your emergency preparedness and survival kits. Our shovel folds down to a compact size with a carrying case so that you can easily take it, pack, and carry it in your gear or emergency preparedness and survival kit. Changes from a conventional shovel to a unique fold out pick design. Why settle for just a shovel when you can have a convenient pick as well.

To Unfold Shovel:

(1) Loosen the adjustment ring
(2) Straighten the handle and shovel
(3) Tighten the adjustment ring

Features of our Tri Fold 2-IN-1 Shovel and Pick with Carrying Case include:

(1) Extended length: 23"
(2) Folded length: 9"
(3) Shovel head dimensions: 6" x 8-3/8”
(4) Shovel thickness: 1/16"
(5) Fold out pick design
(6) Hardened steel material
(7) Serrated on one side of shovel to help cut through packed dirt, roots, and tough foliage
(8) Comes with a carrying case