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Trimmable Sluice Mat - Triple Riffle Design

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SE'sTrimmable Sluice Box Matting is Made of TPR Plastic for maximum flexibility and easy clean-up. To clean up man, simply roll up and wash with water. Riffle patters will open up and drop your gold and concentrates. Will not stiffen in cold water or weather. This mat is designed with multipel Hungarian riffles, v-matting and deep v-matting. All three riffle patterns are proven gold catchers.
  • 27" x 10" mat. Backside has pre-cut guideline for easily trimming to 8" x 27"
  •  Flexible for easy clean-up
  • Weighs only 1.5 lbs
  • TPR plastic is lightweight and highly flexible. Will not stiffen in cold weather like other rubber mats.3 Riffle Styles: Hungarian, "V" Shape, Square
  • Deep green for maximum contrast.
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