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Discounted Panning Kit
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Ultimate Clean Up Bundle For Gold Concentrates

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Getting down to clean gold can be time consuming and frustrating. Here at Sunny Mountain, we put together the ultimate clean-up bundle to help speed up your gold recovery and get gold below 100 mesh. This bundle is only available online.

The bundle includes the following:

  • Blue Falcon Clean up Pan
  • Four Classifiers (30, 50, 70 & 100 mesh)
  • One 8 lbs magnet
  • Two Glass Vials (size may vary based on availability)
  • One Snifter bottle
  • Two Water Tweezers (pipettes)

This clean-up bundle is discussed on our "Recovering Fine Gold" article. 

Step 1: Remove magnetic material form concentrates.
Step 2: Classify material through stackable sifting pans (30, 50, 70 & 100 mesh)
Step 3: Pan each classification one at a time. 
Step 4: Use backwashing method to get to fine gold
Step 5: Use water tweezers to push material away from gold
Step 6: Use snifter bottle to suck up gold
Step 7: Transfer gold from snifter bottle to glass vials.
Step 8: Bask in your own adulation for panning like a Boss.

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