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Whites GMT 24K Gold Metal Detector - 6" Concentric Coil

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This 6″ round concentric coil is specially manufactured for White’s Goldmaster® 24k. It offers increased depth, target ID, and sensitivity over the 6×10 DD at the expense of extreme ground performance. The smaller shape is ideal for working brush, creek beds, and covering ground where micro nuggets may be hiding. On larger gold in mild ground this concentric coil may outperform the 6×10 DD, but may require lower sensitivity levels in difficult (ferrous or alkali) ground.

The white color wards off excess heat and the bullseye logo shows you exactly where the “hot spot” is. Flat-bottom construction, takes 501-4146 loop cover. Made in the USA.

This coil is excellent for the smallest targets, such as small gold nuggets on bedrock or shallower detecting conditions. This coil is also great for mine dump hunting for max sensitivity to gold in ore.

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