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World Of Relic Hunter by Ed Fedory

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Enter THE WORLD of the RELIC HUNTER world where subtle clues, written in dusty, dog-eared books, or on the surface of the ground, lead the relic hunter on the adventure of discovery. It is a world where the past and the present merge... a world, where history once again takes center stage and recovered relics tell the remarkable story of our nation's past.

Hidden just beneath the soil and rushed tempo of the 20th century. Jie the discarded and lost relics of earlier times... it is the world of things long gone, and the only passports to the past one needs is a thirst for adventure, a curiosity of history, and a metal detector.

Prepare to have that spirit of adventure rekindled and fanned into flame as you join Ed and his band of relic hunters as they search the sites of colonial forts, 18th century ambush sites, lost villages and frontier outposts.

This relic hunting adventure begins with the turn of a page which throws open the door to the corridors of the past, and for those who are ready to hit the fields and forests, it's an adventure which could last a lifetime!

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